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Sept 2001 – January 2005

Fanshawe college, London, ON
Internet Technologist
(cooperative diploma)
A program covering a wide range of web technologies including ASP.NET, PHP, CFMX, and Flash MX. I took several courses in UML 2, database design, MSSQL and Oracle, as well as a solid foundation in Cisco CCNA related material.


Sept 1996 – June 2001

St John’s College, Brantford, ON
OSSD Diploma with 4 OAC credits and 3 computer programming related courses.


Sept 1997 – June 1998

Maple Leaf International School, Port of Spain, Trinidad


Work Experience:




January 2006 – Present

Gateway Internet Solutions Inc. / Gateway Payment Solutions Inc. /, Toronto, ON
Web Software Developer

A fast-paced, entrepreneurial-style company that specializes in fraud scrubbing and processing high-risk credit-card and ACH transactions.

Duties: Built and maintained a corporate intranet which supported 3 global offices. Designed and developed a custom CRM tool to assist all departments in keeping track of files, notes, and detailed client contact information.
Launched and maintained several consumer-based websites geared towards the online payment industry. Also implemented and administered a customized issue/bug tracking tool which gained traction and is now used company wide.
Designed and built add-ons and provided support for g2pay’s core processing engine, and also designed/developed and a number of utilities and reports related to transaction processing.
Contributed to the design and development process, and produced web development standards to be adopted by g2pay.


April 2005 – December 2005

Berkshire Axis, Toronto, ON
Web Designer / Web Developer
Duties: revamped and optimized existing company sites. Wrote reports and performed analysis/research pertaining to increasing internal collaboration and communication.


July  2004 – September 2004

Trevor Byrne c/o Summit Office Supplies, Georgetown, ON
Web Application Developer / Network Assistance
Duties: Handled and coordinated all aspects of building a Cold Fusion & SQL Server E-commerce store powered by a database of over 50,000 products.


Sept 2003 – August 2003

Harry Bazoian c/o Media Gold Duplication, Brantford, ON
Web Designer / Web Master
Duties: designed and built a site for the CD duplication industry. Developed scripts to email order forms, uploading files, and other items to the owner in a manageable fashion.


Feb  2001 – Present

John Webber c/o Webber Marketing, Stamford, CT
Web Application Developer / Web Master
Duties: managed, planned, and developed for existing and new clientele. Strong use of Cold Fusion, CFML, SQL 7, HTML, JavaScript, and Access 2000. All projects incorporated the use of an administrative controlled Intranet. Responsible for,,, and


June 2000 – Dec 2000

Jon Sidwell, M. Newton c/o, NY
Web Application Developer / Web Master
Duties: planned and constructed a SQL database, cold Fusion application, and administration intranet system for a UK client; Developed


June 1999 – July 1999

Robert Munro Among Friends Musician, POS, Trinidad
Web Designer / Web Master
Duties: Developed a simple web-page showcasing the talents of local Trinidadian cuatrista Robert Munro


Aug  1998 – Aug 2002

Now!Media / CGR / Supranos / ITBS Grp, Stamford, CT
Web Application Developer / Web Master
Duties: Managed a server in an NT environment. Developed, upgraded, and maintained a large portfolio of websites. Consulted and developed,,,, now!media intranet, WebCat (web-Catalogue),


July 1998 – Sept 1998

John Openshaw c/o Opix Productions, London, England
Web Application Developer / Web Master
Duties: Developed and maintained; a portal for the UK dining industry.



Sept 1997 – Sept 1998

Rob Edge: DAT@MAN /, POS, Trinidad
Developer / Web Master / Concept Developer
Developed, maintained, and develop concepts for,,,,, and the prototype



July 1997 – August 1997

Market Facts and Opinions, POS, Trinidad
Technical Office Assistant
Resolved any technical issues that arose during data entry, form creation, report generation, and other tasks. MS Access, MSSQL.


Special Skills:






ASP.NET, CFML, JSP, PHP, classic ASP, HTML 4.01, XHTML, CSS, Javascript, AJAX, T-SQL (Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL),
VB/VB.NET, Flash & actionscript, UML 2, XML. Familiar with Object Oriented design and architecture. Also familiar with project management, SDLC, agile and feature driven development.




CFMX admin & server, MSSQL, Analysis Services, MySql, Oracle, MS Visual Studio 2005, IIS 5/6, Enterprise Architect (UML modeling tool), MS Office suite (advanced use of Excel, OLAP & pivot tables), MS Project, Adobe Photoshop CS, JASC PSP, Macromedia Flash, UltraEdit. Extensive experience in PC maintenance and optimization.




Intermediate familiarity with general PC assembly and maintenance. 3 years experience with Cisco CLI.




Installation, configuration, routing, OSI model, ISDN, Frame Relay, web/ftp/mail/application/remote servers. Educated in assembling and maintaining secure networks through the use of hardware/software firewalls, DMZ, and other techniques.





Throughout the course of my career as both a full-time and freelance web developer, I have gained a wide understanding of the various technologies used in the IT industry. I’ve always recognized how essential it is to continue furthering my knowledge and advancing my career in an industry that is constantly changing face.
Undertaking a number of freelance contracts throughout high school and college assisted me in developing strong self-motivational and organizational skills. Given the nature of contractual work, I’ve maintained a high sense of accountability and have always challenged myself to produce the highest quality irregardless of the size or scope of the project. By managing every aspect my own projects, I’ve gained valuable experience multitasking and interfacing with different personalities while gathering requirements, gaining feedback, and providing ongoing support.